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In America, the SUV is king. It’s easy to understand why. From small crossovers that are more like a car than a truck to rugged off-roaders such as the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler, SUVs offer more than just practicality and utility. They hold a promise of freedom and adventure, even when you’re just shuttling kids to school or commuting to an office building.
Naturally, you might be wondering what the best SUVs of 2021 are. No matter what size or price class you’re shopping for, J.D. Power knows the answer. And you’ll find them all in this list of the best new SUVs.
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Born in London in April 1926, Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the British throne in 1952 and was crowned in 1953. Now 96 years old, she is Britain's longest-reigning king and is among the 100 richest people in the world. Her assets include the Crown Estate estate, the Crown Jewels and the Royal Art collection. The assets are not the Queen's personal property, which she cannot sell or otherwise dispose of at will. Instead, they are managed in trust and left to future royals to cover expenses such as staffing, travel and palace maintenance.

The British government spends more than 100 million pounds a year on the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II is fond of corgis, she has owned more than 30 corgis, each corgi from birth to death cost close to 870,000 pounds, the Queen went everywhere, her dog is also a special plane transport, a trip alone cost around 60,000 pounds for fuel.

Henry's wedding in 2018 cost £2.4 million to decorate his home and more than £10 million to complete. The Queen's jet costs £1million a year to maintain, and she barely flies, but keeps spending. Drinks alone cost £800,000 a year on royal banquets and an average of £400,000 on a royal trip abroad. The biggest killer is the upkeep of Buckingham Palace, which costs around £2 million at a time.

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In the British mind, their loyalty is to the queen, not to the government. Although she has no real power, the Queen represents the dignity and national dignity of Britain internationally. The 95-year-old, who can't even sneeze, has spent much of her life on the frontlines of maintaining the last vestige of the British Empire. Queen Elizabeth II is the biggest reason for the survival of the Commonwealth, according to an American expert on international geopolitics, meaning Australia's "sons of England" may have to say goodbye "once London Bridge falls".
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